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About Us

Our service began in the early 1980’s when Charles Zimmerman, working in New York as a troubleshooting manager in the Propane Gas industry, was approached with a novel idea.

A young 2nd Lieutenant Army Intelligence officer from Ft. Huachuca, AZ approached him with a request that he handle all of her business affairs. In her recently completed training it was stressed that she should not have anything in her life that would cause her to ever be in a compromising position, such as out of the norm debt or poor credit.

She anticipated a career which would require her to leave at a moment’s notice to locations she would not be able to divulge, for unknown lengths of time, without being able to even contact him. She wanted the service performed discreetly and with as little information as possible about her released to anyone.

She had a bank account that would receive money regularly, and her bills were to be paid from it. She would also provide her Power of Attorney so that anything that needed to be handled could be completed without her being present or even contacted.

As the young Lieutenant’s career started to take off she introduced other officers to this service. While Zimmerman’s propane career also advanced, he spent years in Connecticut dealing with high end customers to include film stars, business tycoons and celebrities. His dealings were often with their “agents” and the experiences gained working in this high pressure, high demand arena along with military clients, helped to create the unique service which he offers today.

As military clients began retiring and relocating, they began requesting help for their aging parents. With the demands and experiences of his past, Zimmerman transformed his service to handling the affairs of seniors in a way few others could match.

Professionalism, confidentiality, discretion and extreme experience are all unified in Zimmerman’s approach to ensure that our senior clients are able to live a life that they choose. Regardless of their inclinations, we carry out their wishes without judgment. We pride ourselves on ensuring their dignity as they age as well as their security. Assisting them in their desires and a quest to enjoy life to the fullest is our passion.

Mission Statement

We professionally, confidentially and discreetly, organize, coordinate and negotiate all the services a senior will ever need while guarding against scams, fraud and unpleasantness.

We promote their dignity, respect and security, assuring they will never be alone.


About Us

More than any of these services, the Zimmermans staff pledges to always treat clients with dignity, respect, and discretion.


Our business is about simplifying your life and allowing you to achieve the future you’ve worked hard to reach.