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FutureCare is designed for those who would like to stay ahead of the game. Our FutureCare members do not want to wait passively for negative events to occur and they do not want to place the burden on their loved ones.

Our FutureCare Program addresses and includes:

1.     Your Personality and Wishes

2.     Your Medical Information

3.     Your AfterCare Wishes

4.     Important Legal Paperwork


If a crisis should happen in the future Zimmermans will be alerted and step in to stabilize the crisis for you.

These elements include, but are not limited to:


Personal Care Instructions | Complete Medical History | Insurance Information | Power of Attorney | Trust | Will


Your agent will also begin to learn about you as an individual. At Zimmermans we never forget that you are your own person with unique likes and dislikes. We encourage you to share them without the fear of judgment.


Expect the following from our FutureCare Program:

Confidentiality & Discreetness
We begin by meeting with you in the privacy of your own home to review records, gather information and learn of your wishes and desires under future situations.

Pet Planning
We create a plan to provide for your pet's care should you experience an ailment, emergency or future long-term care.

Provider Meetings
The plan includes up to 3 introduction meetings with your professionals, such as your Primary Care Physician, Medical Specialist, Banker, Broker, or Attorney, to distribute, provide and confirm your advance directives.

24 Hour Emergency Contact
We provide you with a phone number to contact us in case of emergency.

Emergency Notification Wallet Card
In case of an emergency - if you are unable to contact us directly, this card will provide our information to emergency or hospital personnel.

Yearly Plan Review
We will contact you each year to review and update your plan and discuss your personal concerns and any changes you may wish to make.


About Us

More than any of these services, the Zimmermans staff pledges to always treat clients with dignity, respect, and discretion.


Our business is about simplifying your life and allowing you to achieve the future you’ve worked hard to reach.