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ConciergeCare is the right program for anyone who is saying to themselves today, "I really do need some help getting things handled” or “I really do need some help with my daily activities”. Our ConciergeCare Program includes all of the features and benefits of our FutureCare Program along with the daily services of your personal agent.

The ConciergeCare Program is designed to offer our clients one on one service through daily, weekly, or monthly increments based on our clients’ personal needs and requests.

When most seniors need additional help, care or services they contact several companies or individuals to help with their needs. That means a large number of phone calls, a lot of time and hassle, and, most importantly, that is a lot of different people in and out of your life and home.

A ConciergeCare Program can arrange any of those services for you and so many more!

Instead of calling all around and trying to find the best company for each of your needs you simply make one call to Zimmermans to arrange anything you need.

Many seniors who decide on a ConciergeCare Program already have a favorite doctor or housekeeper and we continue to utilize their services and skills. There is absolutely no need to change the people you already have in your life that you are comfortable and happy with. In those cases we simply arrange the services you may need to save you the time and hassle.

Whether you are living in your home or in an assisted or independent living home, a ConciergeCare Program is the perfect partner.


Expect the following from our ConciergeCare Program:

Client Profile
The first step in establishing your plan includes developing a list of your preferences and likes in different situations.

Regular Visits
We will meet with you at your residence as often as necessary. Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly review of your desires, directives and needs assures that you remain in control of your life.


Bill Paying
Including review of all financial matters as well as bill paying and invoice review for accuracy. This service can be performed with you at your residence or at our office.


Solicitor Intervention
We provide you with our business cards to direct all solicitations, as well as current provider's questions, to us for handling.  All matters are carefully screened to help assure that you are not taken advantage of by anyone.


Crisis Management
You have 24 hour emergency accessibility, should the time arrive when a serious accident, illness or the death of a spouse occurs, we will be there to help you through the situation. We can handle the necessary matters and details that you cannot, or choose not to handle at that time.


Watchdog Service
We can oversee the hiring, coordinating and monitoring of all providers to help assure that you will not be taken advantage of by anyone. This includes random, unannounced visits when you employ 'in-home' workers or reside, even temporarily, in a skilled nursing or assisted living facility.


Personal Representation
We can accompany you to meetings with your providers as the need requires. As an example, we can accompany you to your physician's visit to help assure your medication review is accurate and fully disclosed as well as record important information concerning your health and care.  We can also attend in your place, any meeting that you are unable, or choose not, to attend.


Price Guarantee
Rates in effect at the time you begin service are guaranteed not to increase during your lifetime.

ConciergeCare Elite

Our ConciergeElite Program, designed for seniors living independent of family, offers all of the benefits of our ConciergeCare Program and so much more.  


The most important feature of our ConciergeElite Program is that we offer a trusted partner and ally to those seniors who may not have someone they wish to choose for their Power of Attorney, Executor, or as a Personal Representative.


Living independently of family does not need to be a struggle. With your personal agent to coordinate and organize appointments, travel and general daily events, life goes smoothly.


About Us

More than any of these services, the Zimmermans staff pledges to always treat clients with dignity, respect, and discretion.


Our business is about simplifying your life and allowing you to achieve the future you’ve worked hard to reach.