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What We Do

First and foremost, we see that our clients’ wishes are carried out and that they are not taken advantage of.


We coordinate the following activities/conveniences for our clients:

  • Day-to-day activities
  • Social and entertainment outings
  • Personal shopping trips with personalized assistance at specific stores
  • Travel and companions across town or across the globe
  • Service dogs
  • Computer assistance
  • Car maintenance
  • Home maintenance
  • Car service
  • Estate planning
  • Pet planning
  • Health planning
  • “FutureCare”
  • Funeral Planning

Chuck Zimmerman, Owner

We meet with and coordinate visits/meetings with:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants

We coordinate Concierge Doctors and in-home blood draws. There’s no need to travel to a lab. We also coordinate non-medical in-home workers.


We interact with vendors and providers ensuring enhanced personal security and privacy while guarding against identity theft.


We can work with your existing providers or help you obtain new providers.


We pay bills with you or for you, assuring accuracy, negotiating disputes and guarding against scams, frauds, identity theft and poor service.


We coordinate health aids and medical in-home agencies, hire private duty with insurances, taxes and background checks.


If you reside in a care home or nursing facility, we ensure you’re cared for properly, with dignity and respect. We visit regularly, as well as random visits during off hours on nights and weekends.


We handle crisis management situations such as emergency hospital stays.

We handle pet arrangements during emergencies.


We negotiate “pre-need” funeral arrangements.


About Us

More than any of these services, the Zimmermans staff pledges to always treat clients with dignity, respect, and discretion.


Our business is about simplifying your life and allowing you to achieve the future you’ve worked hard to reach.